• Reality weight loss show, really?!

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    Here’s an oldie, but a goodie. Note the year…for years I pouted thinking that Biggest Loser ripped my idea off, fortunately I got over my bad self! hahaha!!

    eDiets 4-08
    September 8 2003

    Reality TV…have you had enough?

    I think I may have reached saturation point and really don’t care to watch another show…unless…they do one about healthy eating/lifestyles….a Dieting Reality show!!!

    I think the concept is great!

    Imagine if we took a dozen people and put hidden cameras all over their homes, their offices, their cars…and at every eating establishment that the people frequent! We could follow the person’s every activity, morsel and moment!

    The other ‘dieters’ could vote off the show the person who cheated on their diet the most.

    Cool concept, huh! Now, here is the catch, imagine if one of those diligent dozen were YOU!!! Imagine if we had actually been following YOU for the past month. The entire last month we captured EVERYTHING you did on film…and tonight is the world premier of the show.

    What would our cameras have captured? The cameras were rolling every minute; everywhere you went and got everything that you did…ate and said.

    I am sure it would be something to see! The ratings would be huge and the audience would really relate to your life, after all, 75% of Americans are on a diet at any given moment and 55% of us are considered overweight. So your reality wouldn’t be quite so different than the viewers. It may be really eye opening for people to see just how unhealthy the majority of Americans life…without even realizing it!

    When we see antics on this reality shows, we cringe, we laugh and sometimes we may even cry…but when we see our own actions mirrored in the life of another, it may just be down right awakening.

    If I had a nickel for every time a reader tells me: “I just don’t understand why the scale isn’t moving. I have been at this plateau for weeks and I am doing everything right!” Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a hidden camera to provide me the opportunity to point out the ½ eaten piece of toast someone finished off of a child’s plate at breakfast to the seemingly innocent 6 soft drinks consumed by our dieter over the course of a hot summer day (it was hot and the person was thirsty after all!) or the bowl of pasta with butter sauce and diet soft drink for dinner and the bowl of lite ice-cream at 11:00 PM while watching your 4th consecutive hour of television.

    I have news for you; if that manner of eating is your reality…you are voted off this couch!!!!

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