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    May 17, 2014 byJulia Havey 0 Comments

    I am so thankful that Dr. Oz’s new plan, Transform YOU with David Buer and Sharecare is 12 weeks! I am sick to death of people/products claiming that in a few hours, or a day you can transform yourself, or a week, or a even a month! True and lasting change takes time! And 12 weeks is a great amount of time! WHY? Because 2 lbs a week over 12 weeks is 24 lbs. You lose that much weight, everyone will notice, you are going to feel great, your health is going to be improved and you are simply going to be transformed!

    Because Dr. Oz has been so good to me both professionally, and personally via the kindnesses he’s extended to my daughter to help us get her well, I want to make my book, The Vice Busting Diet and it’s workbook available FREE to all to help them with their transformation. Please find your copy waiting to download at Mine is a bit longer, 26 weeks so I will keep holding your hand a bit longer after the show segment is over!

    I have been doing a bit of a transformation myself. 5 years of being the spokesperson for a weight loss product and I have aged 5 years…….but I have NOT aged the way I would like to, I feel matronly and do not like it. So I met a woman named Simone and she changed my life!  I knew the minute I met her that she is everything I had heard, and more! She’s younger than I am by like 20 years yet looks in her 20’s and she has the most amazing physique. BUT that is not what impressed me the most. She is so passionate about health, she consumes more protein than I ever thought was necessary but the way she explained it to me, the obvious energy she had as she spoke was evidence that putting healthy nutrition IN makes for healthy mind, body and soul OUT-PUT.

    I was hooked and that was a month ago. I started on my own “Transform YOU Plan” and can honestly say that I am finally starting to feel like “ME” again. I have lost weight, everyone is saying so……I don’t weigh so I don’t know–I’d guess over 10 lbs based on how clothes are fitting. But I am stronger, feel better, have more energy and best of all……love the taste of the  food I am eating! and HOW I am feeling!

    please, reach out and email me or tweet or Facebook……I am here to help you and I KNOW I can!

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