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    For those of my readers who are people of faith, please see the following video: It’s of my daughter’s horrible car accident in 2010. She is on the mend and doing well….or was until she went for a day on the lake–her first day ‘out’ 9 months after the car accident… and the driver of the boat thought it would be a good idea to drive his new boat, that he is inexperienced on dragging and innertube faster than the manufacturers suggestion……..and yep. Another accident! This one far worse in many ways. She can’t cook/stir like you or I would, pour milk, do her hair…there is lasting paralysis in the arm and while I could say it “sucks”, she makes do and complains little. I am amazed by this young woman’s character and resilience! GO Renee!

    Update, Renee is doing amazingly well and I am so proud of the woman she has grown to be. Stay tuned for more on her journey…follow her, and or

    And, as though my life weren’t pretty much amazing just due to the fact child #1 has just survived; she’s thrived—and then comes along child #2. Life LOVES to throw us curve balls every chance it can and this one, I did NOT see coming! While is sister was recovering and he wasn’t playing guitar for her, he started doing his own thing and literally 9 days later was on The Ellen Show— yea, that Ellen! Life is amazing, truly. One minute I am reeling from a shocking and heartbreaking divorce, then I am in ERs, hospital rooms and rehab facilities with my daughter for what seemed like two years…….and from out of now where, Dakota just happened to met a guy who produced a guy and that guy’s wife…..

    Well, as I said that life is a journey, check out my son’s amazing journey:

    mommy and dak Mcgraw

    This picture was taken on what has to be the proudest moment a mom can realize. My son turned 20 on Aug 9, 2013 and the next day OPENED for his mentor and producer, the amazing Tim McGraw! Yea, that Tim!

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