• I’m proud to offer you The Vice Busting Diet Plan, which is now a FREE all-inclusive weight loss and lifestyle changing plan that is based on the principles in my book, The Vice Busting Diet which was endorsed by leading experts in the field of weight loss and health. Nutrition and health experts include Dr. Oz and Dr. Katz, two of Oprah Winfrey’s leading health gurus, and Mark Victor Hansen, the genius behind the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

    More than that, thousands of people are all the proof you need: they have already discovered how the 26-week step-by-step Vice Busting Diet Plan took off their unwanted weight … and kept it off forever!

    It has been my goal for many years to change the lives of ONE MILLION people. When TimeLife Direct filmed my infomercial I hoped that my goal would be realized, but 9-11 caused a detour for me and getting my message out.

    So if you’ve been looking for weight loss and better health, look no more. Use my free diet plan- no more dieting, no more disappointments, advertised “free” diet plans that only give you a newsletter but then try to sell you their weekly diet menu! NO not this time, no more money spent on false promises! Only results!

    I think that now more than ever people need to be taught simple and affordable changes that they can easily implement in their lives and that will actually help them to lose unwanted pounds, improve their health and free their minds from the constant “diet” mentality that has become such a strong part of our culture.

    The diet industry feeds on this hunger to lose weight by bringing out ridiculous plans year after year. Ask yourself, WHY does one author need over 6 books offering ‘the’ next best diet craze IF their first one WAS the answer. My book is the answer. I will probably never be a NYTimes “Best Seller” because what I offer isn’t fad, hype or a craze; it’s common sense, practical advice that is doable, effective and it works. (disclaimer: MY new book is about making Vice Busting permanent……nothing new folks, just more of the same sound advice and encouragement to KEEP your weight OFF forever!!!

    The Vice Busting Diet Plan Difference

    With the Vice Busting Diet Plan, you’ll be amazed at how simple finding a new and improved skinnier you can be. This plan turns weight loss on its head. We reveal the real truth behind losing weight and we show you exactly what you need to do to lose the weight every day and to keep if off forever.

    In fact, I’m still amazed of how effective the program is and how it totally revolutionizes the whole weight loss industry! The secret to real weight loss is so revolutionary that I can’t share it all here, but it rests on just one powerful technique that you will master each week of the program that will change your entire life.

    Don’t worry. They’re not hard to master at all. In fact, if you follow each step precisely as they are laid out, your body will have no choice but to respond accordingly and make you fit, in shape, and feeling great. The program and the steps I have created are an exact road map to get the beautiful, healthy, and fit body you’ve always wanted.

    Trust me when I tell you that your focus will never be on food again, nor will you ever worry about your weight, but you ARE going to learn how to lose as much weight as you want.

    My program has sold for over $290 for the past 7 years, you get a ebook copy of The Vice Busting Diet, my 26-week workbook–not lined paper to journal what you eat but rather a real self-discovery workbook, daily audios where I personally coach you through the first 21 days of this journey and then weekly audios to keep you on track for the entire 26-weeks. There is an exercise DVD (streaming) and also subject specific lectures like Maintaining Momentum, Overcoming Obstacles, Emergency (where I talk you OFF of the “Twinkie wall”!), Surviving the Holidays and more. My program is having some tech issues, I am trying to get the audios and DVD uploaded, but alas, tech is apparently my kriptonite!

    It’s Free! So Start Today!

    You may be wondering, why is the Vice Busting Diet free?!

    The Vice Busting Diet Plan are free for several reasons.

    1. My mission is to help 1 Million people realize their weight loss goal–or lose 20 million pounds….whichever comes first! Then…….the bar will raise to 10 MILLION people/100 MILLION pounds!
    2. I’ve been blessed over the years and this is my way of giving back.
    3. For those with 100+ lbs to lose I offer coaching and for those who use my nutritional recommendations their coaching is free of charge.
    4.If you like what is all there is about my free diet plan, well perhaps you will be a fan! Follow me on twitter, friend me on facebook and buy my new book, “The Secrets of the 5%”!

    I heard someone once say about life that there are 3 things that we will ask ourselves near the end:

    1.Did I cherish the relationships in my life and follow the Golden Rule?
    2.Did I do everything, experience everything, and reach every goal I wanted to?
    3.Most importantly, did I matter or make a difference in a positive way?
    The last one made me think: am I making a difference and how could I make more of a positive impact on the lives of others? Considering the overweight and obesity rates, I couldn’t think of a better way than coming up with a plan that would make it possible for others to use The Vice Busting Diet Plans for free. So it is my mission to make a difference in the weight and health of 1 MILLION people.

    I am confident that together we can all make a difference. You can reach your weight loss goal and live healthier, happier, and free from the burden of the extra weight… so you can make a difference too!

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